Hermes Digital Signage

Digital displays for the modern conference.

Beautiful Digital Displays

With the most current session details possible.

CadmiumCD has a variety of options to distribute your conference proceedings. Your event meeting proceedings can be accessed online through the web or a mobile device, on an HTML5 site or native iOS or Android app, or on CD, DVD, or USB.

The Beauty of Automatic Transitions.

Whether you're using your own network or ours, Hermes Digital Signage is the best way to deliver session details to digital displays around your conference in a beautiful format. With time-sensitive transitions, conference organizers simply plug and play. Each screen changes automatically as the sessions change within the rooms the screens are assigned.

We'll Make Your Data Awesome.

Anything uploaded by you, your speakers, or your exhibitors in the Conference Harvester or in the Hermes Speaker Ready Room File Management system auto populates to Hermes Digital Displays with the most up to date information available. Speaker biographies, exhibitor profiles, interactive floor plans, and much more can easily be displayed in a beautiful format on any screen connected to Hermes.

A Versatile System

Use Hermes Digital Displays anywhere you need them.

Customize your expo floor plan with a logo prominantly displayed on the floor plan where attendees can see it.

Presentation Rooms

Place Hermes Digital Displays outside each presentation room for maximum effect. Your attendees will be able to easily find the sessions their looking for, see speaker profiles and photos, view which sessions are coming up, and scan a QR code with the eventScribe app to download presentation materials instantly to their mobile devices.

Satisfy sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees at your conference with all the features the eventScribe expo floor plan software offers.

Entrance Halls

Display Hermes Digital Signage around your conference venue to remind attendees to download your conference app, to notify them of recent news, and to highlight keynotes and special events. It's the best way to update attendees around your venue dynamically with the most recent information about your conference.

Satisfy sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees at your conference with all the features the eventScribe expo floor plan software offers.

Exhibition Floors

Do you host educational scavenger hunts that drive traffic to sponsor booths or special areas around your conference? Now you can display QR codes associated with the eventScribe Knowledge Hunt on Hermes Digital Signage for maximum effect.

Highlight social areas, speaker sections, sponsor booths, and poster galleries on your expo floor plan.

Attendee Check-In

Use the same QR codes attendees scan to download presentation materials onto their mobile devices to check them in to their sessions. They'll be able to remember what sessions they attended and can use the check in process to gain continuing education credits.

Indicate your poster gallery right on your expo floor plan, then give attendees a digital poster gallery to take home with the eventScribe ePoster Gallery.

Interactive Floor Plans

With new technology like touch screen displays, attendees can access an interactive floor plan on Hermes Digital Signage to find the exhibitors they're looking for. They can then match these up with the favorites on their mobile devices and make walking the floor plan easy as can be.

Exhibitors can make booth payments and purchase sponsor options while uploading their data to the conference harvester and choosing their exhibitor booth space right on the expo floor plan.

Sponsor Recognition

Your sponsors are a driving force at your event and ensure your organization can host the conference your attendees deserve each year. Why not show them the proper recognition? You can prominently feature sponsor logos on any Hermes Digital Display around your venue.

Toss Bad Connections Aside

Build your very own conference network.

Host multiple conference proceedings with the Multi Event App from CadmiumCD